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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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the city and agency i would first ask if there's a go possibility that sfmta board can offer up some type of regulars r resolution he was not thinking about retiring he was here to provide service to the city the residents so i don't know if i can speak on that aspect or it would be very fitting for the family to receive something from this board and the city okay. >> thank you. >> secondly, restrooms as we speak finally with the help of whoever, of course, ed and ms. mary and her team are very passionately got into this and finally, we're putting a restroom in the ground as we
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speak on hudson you don't know what that means we tell the female operators members if you don't have a respectable restroom but now literally again on behalf of the operators we say thanks we still have restrooms in other locations of the city that needs attendance and those restrooms are going to be dropping in the next week's in flex thank you next item those attorneys times about the muslims as transit and the local we don't appreciate them our members will not be driving the muni buses. >> let me ask you a question will be explain about the ads in order to give more time.
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>> the ads are a first amendment right they've rows them on the islamic state and the muslims vs. people that feel they have a better right to this country than others but a bigger issue than on the bus so i wanted to let you know we've expressed this to john our members the men and women in which our employees are made up of many different cultures and muslims and indians we've got it all if those members feel their uncomfortable operating those buses they're not going to take the busses out this city stands on a lot of be social issues we find it interesting we didn't stand open this go issue about this blatant racism so with
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that, i wanted to let you guys know local 258 we're against the issues we're not in support and we want to make that imperfect clear. >> thank you, mr. williams. >> (clapping) >> (calling names). >> who's up. >> lance. >> mr. lance is up first sir, your after him. >> good afternoon mr. karen's. >> yeah. good afternoon mr. chairman and members of the board i'm here to pass along information we got recently about the bus scheduling problems could i get the overhead federal transit administration issued a report no august that
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indicated it was severe problems with the budget and schedule for the central subway standard you know the standard mantra from sfmta is that the central subway is on on time and on budget this is repeated for the models report it turns out it is not true a report in august there's severe problems with the schedule for the central subway in addition there are approximately 4 hundred reasons comparing sfmta capital projects that either had or will have cost overruns as revealed in the sfmta cpa program and the
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2012 audit so the bottom line is the loosely written 5 hundred prop measure will further cost overruns not related to the mayors transit p t f plan with the prop a fund only a portion for streets and the rest for cost overruns if you want to look at this report user this address i'd like to submit a copy of the report to the directors packet. >> thank you. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hello how are you i just want to tell you i'm driving 22
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years as the cab driver i never see this situation in those 22 years can be driver is logging everything nor me it's a disaster a big mistake to come to this job and i'm asking you guys remember you bring this situation to us with the guys that destroyed the people's lives right now i can't i'm 62 years old i can't be retired are keep going i put my life to this situation and this work right now you guys have to focus with the cab driver not the company the company from the beginning until right now they're most beneficiaries coming look at my life how do i have to be
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different from a to z there so much space i'm asking no color no radio no insurance if i want to have insurance why do we have two companies here two companies the mafia why i don't open the door to have so many more to come into 30 this industrial to have a competition this is for the company and for this give it to me a chance i want to be capitalist too we need help right now we are one thousand dollars a month short to people working not the people will have the medallions sit back and have money (clapping.) (calling names). >> who is first. >> raymond.
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>> is raymond here not here (calling names). >> good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon i been driving since 1990 almost a quarter of a singularity i put my name on medallion then i checked my number they said our number is 19 hundred and 88 i said what i didn't want to agree but i came up with a quarter of a mild and bought my medallion under those conditions there was no uber or lift not every a even a sidecar now the situation is how can i pay $2,500 for the
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$250,000 and give it to sfmta thinking there is entity that will protect my interest? i know you guys i don't know all the people going to the airport this was the last thing we had this has been taken away from us i would like to request from sfmta and the city of san francisco to put aside some funds for people that purchased their medallion that to give it back and we the color scheme is too much money and it is so much money that this insurance companies charging us why not more competition they don't charge the amount of money from the poor i can't afford i love
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to then i bought my medallion for $4 million i was happy i was radioactivityed not having to deal with the cab companies and this and that now i have this situation >> thank you, sir >> appreciate it. >> (calling names). >> hello. >> good afternoon. i'm tony lee please as soon as possible separate the medallion not tie with any cab company like new york we can serve the public we don't need it at all now the color scheme fee is punished they punished $100 a day to put in own pocket why get punished we are only policy and drive
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like a carpenter they don't need to join construction the ship driver too this morning the commission don't care they only approve it so you are your brother agency they take they don't care about the protecting people so if anything happened we do know how many cab drivers going to be crazy people are going to miss their flights this is not the cab driver responsibility for now there is created by the government agency they don't look at the majority of the cab driver how they struggle if you can please give up the color scheme with companies because the only way
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those medallion owners who are paying the apartments every month they can pay less and drive the cab the airport i guarantee you thousand oversight airport they're flooding the airport we couldn't get in there their occupied by the cab thank you. (calling names) (clapping) >> good afternoon, sir. >> who was first. >> yeah. respected chairman and directors i'm a cab driver and medallion holder i'd like to bring frustration in front of you first of all, i know did a lot of good things to the city as sfmta but the worst thing you
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brought in t nc is a taxi service an illegal taxi service that grow under our watch they raise their rates they drive at $2 a mile or $10 a mile we can't do this they should be stopped and i i mean, i'm helpless i didn't do nothing when we had the uber please do something please do something we are being squeezed from every corner and cab companies also in trouble they wanted to sxreez the drivers it is hard to find a driver partner driver for a
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medallion holder very hard and please do something the frustration is growing it is talk is being to go on strike to occupy airports or block the exits in and out of the airport this thing may happen and not to be blamed on drivers please do something and this especially it is finally a blow it is almost back to the cab industry thank you (clapping.) thank you. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon board i'm nicole sxhirgd walk san francisco many of you participated this weekend we spent with the leader this
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changed the landscape of for the people amidst some tough challenges he mentioned he almost got impeached for supporting pedestrian safety he didn't have organizations to support him but ultimately we see that his lesson is that he made the city safer for all people in bothering at that especially those who didn't previous have a voice in the political process i say this because yesterday was another deadly day with one pedestrian killed and 3 series injuries on our its streets it would be a
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lie to say that this isn't, true try the 60 percent is on 6 streets and from 8 months ago you adapted vision zero i'm excited to see tom on board and talking about vision zero already and want to encourage you all to this about we have those 24 projects now 40 projects you all haven't seen or talked about vision zero really since we passed this policy i want to encourage you to follow the lead of the mayor and take on the leadership hat and fourth what's going to be enough i look to you for your leadership. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon mr. rhiner.
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>> promises are made funded by the venture capital that will folded prevent the butcher it will place seniors and disabled at risk by having them walk one quarter of a mile up to the bus especially, if they have oxygen or putting them they mercy of situations no person has recommended a change in addition some runs will not run directly to the hall of judged or the san francisco general hospital in respect to the weather severely injured see folks will have to stand on crowded buses and the neighborhood have been deprived of transportation and bus stops have been consolidated on the
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grounds of making buses run faster under prop b the finland will robot agencies of money for services such mental health they should look at the operational procedures and the bookkeeping there are two many 6 digit be personnel like folks that want to widened the sidewalks and prop a will guarantee blood money wasted by proposition and prop b should be voted against because other agencies will be deprived of money no on a and b. >> thank
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> marching ma inquiry this is not an attack on working people but all kinds of professional licensing you know lawyers and doctors and psychiatrists if you watch hbo this is where this is leading i'm not kidding this could be you next, i want to address the transit lanes on third can you make it clear those are not a bake lane is it someone can you answer that can you make it understood clearly those are not bike lanes the
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bicyclists claim it is even though it's marked clearly they're getting nasty they honk their horns and they spit on me and claim that lane as their own it's ours it's ours the enforcement at the ball park we can't get to the stand between brandon it's loaded up with town cars and their soliciting our folks i said they're out there harassing cab drivers krurment task force to get new drivers two uber drivers on that task force i don't think that uber drivers should be on the task force frankly the public relations they're taking taxis
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to improve our relationships as far as damage control and public health we need that more than muni does thank you. (clapping.) >> daniel. >> is daniel here? is daniel here in moving on alex and (calling names) >> okay. >> good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon. >> are you alex. >> mta destroyed everything first, they stole from us medallion worker in the police department after they made us to buy it because they say you never get it after that we evaluate i'm driving myself it cost me 5 thousand dollars a
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month i'm broke 24 hundred payments and 14 hundred for radio and one thousand mta fee plus one thousand cuts for maintenance i can drive only 5 days 11 hours it is made my days cost me $250 a day it's illegal because mta takes approximately 9 hundred shift because they control the business unless they're driving hire someone professional and we continue to work because the work can - uber stay everywhere they motorcycles and driver by and say nothing they give 5 thousand medallions
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i can find drivers because they cut half insurance cheaper i don't need to pay $5,000 i drive for 10 years i don't have tickets why $8,000 a month don't higher stupid drivers second i should know no radio why should they make from city cheaper okay. because of the sold so many medallions we don't have drivers we should lower thank you. >> thank you, sir (clapping.) (calling names) good afternoon mr. blue beggar. >> thank you, chairman i'm with the taxi drivers alliance i want
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to run by a a thought experiment let's say somebody was running an illegal taxi company in san francisco for years they have a lot of vehicles it's well documented and then they it came to you and asked to the mta and asked for a color scheme permit to run a cab company would you issue that no you'd laugh them out of the room that's exactly what has happened at the airport we've been suing the airport completely illegally without authority and go in and apply for permits and their issued what is going here? what is going on here this is the systemic destruction of the cab company as a whole and the
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drivers are not going to stand for that we provide a service those guys don't they pick and choose their riders they get the up the scale riders and the relationship is basically, it's political it is between a parasite and host and leaves us there to do the rest you can't let this happen you have to get involved to a much greater stent than you have and if not, we're lost and if we're lost where are you thank you >> (calling names) good afternoon, sir. >> thank you director reiskin i agree with the remarks of the previous taxi speakers it's mind blolg what the airport is doing
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those t n t vehicles are uninsured the drivers have no license for the commercial transportation. >> sir please ladies and gentlemen, pay attention to the speaker. >> the drivers are not screened for criminal background look at the claw hammer attack some guy was out near daily city gets out and hammers someone in the skull those are the people we're picking up at the airport now those people are not compliant with sequa the environmental laws a the the laws, etc. i think the city of san francisco is going to get sued in a car catches on fire and a driver that's not trained has an accident those people are
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committing insurance fraud until the governor's law goes into effect next july every driver is hiding the fact they're doing commercial bus without the council for the insurance dave jones the insurance commissioner has stated this is fraud it continues regarding and want to stay the city of chicago there's a lawsuit from people that bought medallions there was a breach of contract and fraud i'm part of the committee on mta for the improvement we're going to mediate a couple of million dollars to service the public it should come out of the 20 thousand a year from the medallions maybe you'll give us
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$10,000 thank you. >> next speaker >> (calling names). >> good afternoon ms. wood. >> yes. good afternoon naming a joan wood i've lived in north beach since 1962 i'm here because of a letter i got last month from joan of mta and said that he's probably going to present to you the plants for 3 bulb outs in north beach off of stockton street va a lot grand and green that hass will eliminate a parking lane i've had a disability for 11 years now, it's difficult for me to wake for a long term and i
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use taxis occasionally this is part of the walk first program and the body of the letter says you've chosen to create those bulb outs is as a safety project they've picked all over san francisco corridors over the 50 years one death not anywhere near 10 blocks away from this location down in columbus and tailor not near the place i don't think it's there fair that all of you appointed by the mayor so you have interests to represent not mine there isn't anyone but my supervisor he's not speaking up for the drivers i want to ask you to deny those
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i don't think they're really in the interest of safety and the fire department they have dropped their objections it drops traffic to a single lane. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon as well arrest cab driver over 20 years. >> cue tell me our first name. >> marianne you're supposed to regulate find a big fat couey mingled it i think 5 thousand dollars a year this was but now regulating it the city is losing


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